Gillo Dorfles viewing Kadirbeyoglu's "Visa Applicants".
An excerpt of an interview with
Artist Devrim Kadirbeyoglu
by Curator Antonello Tolve & Stefania Zuliani

For the exhibit "The Appropriate Interval" at Archivio dell’Architettura Contemporanea in Salerno, Italy contemporary artists interpreted the work of the famous philosopher, art critic and painter Gillo Dorfles. Dorfles' attendance at the opening was a unique honor for all involved.

For the exhibition catalog, curators Antonello Tolve and Stefania Zuliani interviewed Devrim Kadirbeyoglu on her ideas of "Time" and "Physicality" - topics Dorfles championed in 1948 as a founder of The Movimento per l'arte concreta

English translation of an excerpt from the catalog and pictures from this special opening are below. 

From L to R: Stefania Zuliani, Antonello Tolve, Gillo Dorfles 
Tolve: The concept of interval is important to create a space that can regenerate not only critical thinking but also the quality of art and life. This idea of​ interval and distance involved in your search for an artist?

Kadirbeyoglu: The universe surrounds us with continuous systems. I am ever aware and inspired by the omnipresence of an eternal order and the limitless, diverse cycles nature creates. I strive to capture life, freedom, longing, despair and the continuous struggle every person endures daily to survive or fit into a bigger entity than themselves. Days, ages, seasons - these are all ways we as society have formulated to break the enormity of life into comprehensible, feasible fractions. Our lives being shaped around the authenticity of mortality, observant of past events with the knowledge that these events will occur again in the future influences a process based practice in my work. My desire to use temporal materials is to give a very concrete, physical presence to metaphysical concepts. Lately, I have dealt with juxtaposing fleeting materials to substantiate forms of origin and legacy.

The idea of life needing to be organized into digestible components in order to be understood also triggers an obsession for me to organize thoughts and experiences that I rationalize as all interrelated, not isolated. I tend to create arrangements where multiples and repetitions are evident because no one part is ordered more important than another. The inner search for relevance is reflected through scenes and arrangements while I explore contradictory patterns society has constructed to define identity.

Tolve: What importance do you attribute your work in the choice of materials and techniques?

Kadirbeyoglu: Our environment offers a whole lot physically and mentally. Sudden loss, brutality of people’s approach to their surroundings and society’s aggressiveness have been pivotal events that essentially helped shaped me as a woman, artist and citizen. The challenge is creating work that reflects who I am. The materials I use are extremely relevant. I often work with materials that have their own history - a history I feel akin to. Recycled, eco-friendly, nature itself - the medium is conscious of itself.


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