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To catch up with Anna Frants is impossible. To catch a glimpse at what she has created is pleasurable.

I traveled to Russia earlier this week. I caught a red-eye and was barely awake when I stumbled into LED airport. It was a dream to see a man holding a sign with my name. This is the third year he's greeted me and shuttled me off to work with Cyland Media Lab on Cyberfest - Russia's largest new media festival. Every year he chivalrously fends me off to carry all the luggage - a tradition I become unaccustomed to between visits to St Petersburg. He has a new white van and of course holds the door open for me. Its spacious.

Getting in, I sigh, stretch my legs more than the 12" alloted them in the plane, and find a box fresh from the printer's full of catalogs for this year's extravaganza. Two pages into reading, we enter the center of a city I have gotten to know better over the years I have represented Anna as an artist at my gallery. I smile as I turn the page and find a curatorial statement from this woman who always makes me proud, always reminds me why my work has such value to me; always is one step ahead of us all. Driving into the heart of her home I read:

"... The use of new technologies calls for the artist to break away from the deterministic nature of traditional art forms and invent a new tongue. Despite an apparent coldness of cyber space that has no corporal-emotional references such as the smell or oils of clay, it is one o the most expressive artistic media that razes to the ground our notion of the creative criteria... New possibilities impose new responsibilities. The media artist that invents a new tongue is accountable for what he says in it." - An excerpt from Anna Frants' Cyberfest 2011 curatorial essay.


18 Nov - 23 Nov: in Russia's 5th CYBERFEST
at The State Hermitage Museum,Kuryokhin Modern Art Center, Gallery of Experimental Sound & St Petersburg Association of Galleries / St Petersburg, Russia... Read More...

12 Dec - 15 Dec: "Trembling Creatures"
in SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 / Hong Kong, China

Just Closed: 23 Sept - 30 Oct: "Gravity"
at Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art/ Moscow, Russia

Earlier this year Frants participated in:
ArtVilnius 2011 (Vilnius, Lithuania)
ArtParis 2011 (Paris, France)
Transmediale (Berlin, Germany) &
"We are here" at Universit√† Ca’ Foscari Venezia during the Venice Biennale.

New work posted and to be posted: View portfolio.


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